New Website

I’ve set up a new website for my gamedev work. It will be mostly a MINICIV devlog, but occasionally there will be posts about other topics.

Unlike my previous blogs, this one is self hosted and just a static website generated with Hugo, so I hope it will be less hassle. I haven’t blogged for a while now, but I remember disliking every web-blog interface out there, from Blogger to Tumblr. They’re all slow and clunky, and I’ve lost work on all of them somehow.

There won’t be a comment system, because almost no one used it on my Blogger site, and it’s just one more separate communication channel I have to worry about. You can always contact me through my regular channels: Twitter @miniciv, email me directly (, or the game’s Google+ community. I’m no longer using or checking Reddit, since like 2014ish actually.

Looking forward to writing new posts again!