How to download newer developer builds

If you only care about the latest version I’m working on now, you can ignore this post. All you have to do is install the game from Google Play and you will automatically get updates as soon as I upload them.

I stopped uploading new public builds to Google Play a while back, but there is still a way for anyone to get newer developer builds I uploaded after the last public version. The process is fairly easy:

  1. Using the same Google account you use for Google Play Store, join the game’s Google+ community
  2. Opt in to receive developer/testing versions:
  3. Install the old game from Google Play (if you haven’t already) and wait 24 hrs to receive an automatic update

There are some issues though. If you have more than one Google account logged in, you should log out from all of them except the account that you use on your phone or table for Google Play. Also, if the newer versions are not compatible with your device but the old versions are, then you will be able to install the game, but will probably never receive newer versions.

Because of these issues, and because this process has caused some unnecessary confusion, I will not be using it for future updates. The next update will simply replace the old public version, and it will continue like this until the game is released.

Sorry for causing confusion :(