My name is Andy Robbins, and this is my blog. I’m a student (engineering & IT), freelance programmer, and game developer.

My main project is MINICIV, a strategy video game in the 4X genre, designed primarily for touchscreen/mobile devices. Sometimes I take breaks to do small projects, game jams, or freelance work. I have a very utilitarian view of programming, which is my main skill. I make games in very C-looking C++, and a couple of high level languages for some tasks, (mainly R for examining data, and Python for utilities and scripting Blender) but I basically dislike all programming languages, especially your favourite one.

Main interests: mobile rendering tech, low level programming, tool design, game design, and the business of video games. Some of these things are interesting, I swear! Oh, and motorcycles.

I’m currently reading Real Time Rendering and Rules of Play.

Click here for my contact info.